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Scarlet Hill Farms down scales temporarily

Posted 7/16/2016

Due to the work load with other work commitments and new business venture opportunities presenting itself Scarlet Hill Farm will become a “Hobby Stud” and indefinitely scale down.  This means that we will no longer be producing young horses to sell or breed specifically to sell our youngsters and will also no longer be marketing horses for clients to sell.  The youngsters we breed will be for ourselves and MIGHT come up for sale at a later stage once they are produced under saddle. We have therefore put some of our horses on the market to lighten the workload.  Please see our SALES page for more info.

All Star will also no longer be available to the public by fresh / chilled semen, only by frozen semen. With traffic and a shortage on time, it is getting increasingly difficult and time consuming to truck him to our collecting vet which is two hours away one way, for every mare that needs to be AI’ed. Therefore he will be going to the stallion station once per season to get his CEM done by our vet and to collect new semen to be frozen. Frozen semen doses do not come with a LFG (only 2 tries) and is priced at R15 000 excluding vets’ costs.  He has excellent quality semen that is professionally stored.

There are still 3 FRESH / CHILLED semen services for sale at R12 000 LFG before we close his stud book for Fresh semen (50% deposit upon booking. Balance due September). Mares who are synchronized for the time that he is at the stallion station for CEM and semen freezing can still get fresh semen at the fresh price.

All Star is licensed with the S.A. sport horse federation.

Please contact us with regards to the last fresh services available by All Star or the last of our mares for sale.